I always loved the photos displayed while my Android TV was idle, but there was no turning back once I installed Aerial Dream on my device. There is nothing more relaxing than experiencing flying over a city at night while Radioline is playing my favorite music station. It is hypnotizing.

Aerial Screensaver

Aerial Screensaver

Apple TV’s Aerial screensaver, an amazing piece of art, is now also available for Android TV. It showcases some of the most beautiful aerial videos ever made. Apple did a great job on this one. At this moment, there are videos from China, Dubai, Greenland, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Liwa, London, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. It is possible to show videos according to the time of day, as they are divided into two sections: night scenes, and day scenes. Quality is very high, even though moiré is sometimes visible, and in one scene in particular, stabilization artifacts are quite noticeable. This doesn’t really spoil the overall effect. The only real downside to this screensaver is the fact that it leaves you wanting more.

What is the best way to install it? Head over to Play Store on your PC through this link. Press install and choose your Android TV device. Hopefully, it will also be available on Google Play Store for Android TV soon. The app is open source. If you wish to contribute and squash some bugs, get it here. You can also preview all of the videos here.

What do you have set as your screensaver? Share your favorite app in the comment!

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