Radioline is a non-customizable and completely free internet radio and podcast player. It couldn’t be simpler – select the mood you want to achieve, and if you don’t like the result, just press next. 60% of the time, it works every time;> There are many apps trying to achieve the perfect radio station experience for the user, based on what the user likes/dislikes. This app just plays the chosen radio stream or a random one based on your selection.

Radioline Android TV

It might not be the perfect radio app for everyone, but for me, it just does what I want it too, with minimal user input. I’ve got a few stations on my favorites list, and I’m set. It is not the best choice for music discovery – other apps do this better. Because of the nature of streams, oftentimes you won’t know the name of the streamed song (Soundhound might help here) Even though it gives access to 60 000+ stations/podcasts, the selection is well categorized and will not overwhelm with the choice.

Radioline Android TV

The interface is extremally simple, very ‘leanback launcher’ like, so it perfectly fits Android TV look and feel. After you select the mood, random station from the selected mood is played. The playback screen consists of streamed radio logo artwork and previous / next / fav button. That is pretty much all you need to get around.

Radioline Android TV

Radioline is a multiplatform app – apart from Android TV, there’s an app for smartphones, Apple phones, and also there is the web version. It’s great to be able to use one app on all devices, but this seems like a standard at this point and most reputable applications have this sorted out. Unfortunately, ATV version is missing one major thing – user account support. This is a big deal as you won’t have fast access to stations you marked as favorites on other devices. It’s unclear to me why this option is missing in the first place, as the standard Android version of the app has it. Google Assistant integration would be a great addition as well.


  • Favourites;
  • Stations by country, mood, genre;
  • Online radios and podcasts.


  • Simple and fast to use;
  • Clean, minimalistic design;
  • Multiplatform.


  • Some minor bugs here and there;
  • No user account support present on other devices.

You can download it from the Play Store, or if you want to check out the web version, go here. Let me know in the comments if you find an app that performs just as well or even better than Radioline.

Featured photo by unsplash-logoMungyu Kim
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