Looking for the perfect shoot’em up?

If you ask me which game is best suited for pure fun on Android TV, I would name Sky Force Anniversary without hesitation. It contains the best parts of all classic arcade shoot ’em ups, bullet hell style. It is great for casual play – five to ten minutes at a time is enough to finish one level. Every time you play,¬†your ship gets closer to the perfect killing machine. The progression system will keep you playing until the last boss fight. Two player mode is where I spent most of my time in – playing with a wingman is so much more fun.


Sky Force Anniversary on Android TV

Sky Force Anniversary on Android TV


Whatever your play style is, the difficulty level will keep you entertained, without pulling your hair out. Replaying a level for a better ship doesn’t feel too repetitive, and the mission tasks make you want to master the given stage. Controls are simple and explosions look great. What more could you ask for?

Dodge this!

The game is basically what you call a bullet-hell – you are trying to stay alive with your tiny ship against a scene full of bullets from various sources, flying in specific patterns. The major source of entertainment is, of course, blowing up all enemy ships/turrets/lasers to stop the bullets coming. The better you are at it, the fewer bullets coming your way. During your gameplay you will gather stars which can be used to buy power-ups for the ship, making it more powerful. You will need all the power you can gather for various bosses popping up here and there. Besides staying alive, each stage has various side ops to get bonus points.

Mastering each level is sometimes a necessity to unlock the next one, but because of the constant inflow of upgrades, it feels like its right around the corner and not at all impossible to achieve. It starts really simple and has a lot of content to keep you entertained for a while, and I haven’t even mentioned hostages to rescue, cards to collect, shields, lasers and mega bombs. All in all, the overall balance of the game brings pure, not exactly mindless enjoyment to the living room, to the beat of matching music and quite pleasing sounds of explosions.

Starship upgrades

Starship upgrades

If you are looking for an old-school arcade shooter for Android TV, this is the perfect fit. It plays in smooth 60 fps and looks sweet. You can get it straight out of Google Play Store. The first two levels are free to play.


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